Your much favored Google Play Music will start shutting down in September

Your much favored Google Play Music will start shutting down in September

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Google posted a comprehensive timetable for the closure of Google Play Music. Membership will be withdrawn in September for users in New Zealand and South Africa, and in October for users in all other countries. Come December, the service will be shut down entirely, after which you won’t be able to move your files. In fact, beginning later this month, Google does no longer allow sales of music from its Play Store.

Google is making some big moves now that the YouTube Music app is in full swing to replace it. Only a few months ago, Google Play Music users started encouraging them to migrate nearly every facet of their collections to a digital app, including playlists, bands, tracks, videos, material downloaded, reviews, and uploads. Transferring all of this material is as easy as opening the YouTube Music app for the first time. You’ll see something close to the screen above, but if you need more help, we’ve got a how-to on the procedure.

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Google promised that it will offer a couple more warnings until Play Music shuts down, and it’s going to do well. You will continue to use the app until it shuts down, but if you have a new Android 10 unit, you’ll find YouTube Music pre-installed instead of Google Play Music. And maybe you’ll continue the transition cycle before you’re pressured to do it.

Open Google Play Music for a little while and recall the old days. The app has been overlooked for so long that it’s like an ancient, familiar friend trapped in the sands of time. Don’t be fooled, though: the days are numbered. It’s time for you to look forward

Google Play Music has been available since 2011 and let users upload thousands of tracks to the Internet free of charge for downloadable access on any other computers. It became the main way to play music on Google Home devices, and it delivered music downloads, daily internet radio, and podcasts. Google Music has been ignored for years, however, and as a business always does, Google has opted to create a second, profitable streaming service instead of retaining a first service. The second channel is YouTube Music, which is also Google’s main music app. The merger of the two was first revealed in 2018, and now it’s actually happening.

Although Google Play Music will cease to run in October, former customers will have until December of this year to move all their music and data out of the app. This means that you can either port anything to YouTube Music or download uploaded and downloaded music as well as user data from Google’s take-out app.

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Google has been selling a conversion service to move from Google Play Music to YouTube Music since May and will continue to operate after Play Music has ceased streaming. This resource covers everything you’ve submitted to Play Music, everything you’ve downloaded from Google Play Music, playlists you’ve made, streaming music that you’ve saved to your library, and details on your listening habits. Until December, the data will be purged, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked it up by then.


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