With Apple bringing it in with iPhone 12, all we need to know about OLED display

With Apple bringing it in with iPhone 12, all we need to know about OLED display

Apple is expected to release four new iPhone 12 models this year with OLED display. This will be the first time that Apple’s entire flagship iPhone lineup features OLED screens. The iPhone X was the first iPhone to make the switch to OLED, but Apple has introduced new LCD iPhones as well, e.g.the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max both have OLED displays, but the iPhone 11 still uses an LCD panel.

What is an OLED display?

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are very similar to the regular LEDs in purpose, but the way they function is different. LED uses materials like silicon to emanate light, but OLEDs use organic material for their operation that manifests as a thin layer placed between two conductors.

How OLED is different from LCD?

OLED is being used as a replacement for LCD (liquid crystal displays). The functional difference between OLED and LCD that stands out is the presence of a backlight. An OLED display uses organic film to emit light while an electrical current runs through it. Hence, OLED can operate on its own without requiring a backlight. On the other hand, LCD needs a backlight to display anything.

Why is OLED display good for phones?

The best thing about OLED is that the organic diode generates its light, and don’t need backlight at all, which means long-lasting battery life and brighter screen display. The displays in OLED are also finer than LCD. With liquid crystals and backlights going out of the equation, a decent quantum of space is also freed up.

Why don’t more smartphone brands use OLED?
This is primarily due to the cost-effectiveness of LCD over OLED. This remains true to date, but, with the evolution of technology margins are narrowing down. With the increasing affordability more and more smartphones are expected to embrace OLED technology. As it is apart from iPhone Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 already have OLED display.

2021 can witness the explosion of OLED technology in smartphones. Being slimmer, more power-efficient, and having more vibrant and accurate displays, smartphones with OLED technology looks like the impending future.

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