WhatsApp Assures That Privacy Won’t Be Affected If These Two Optional Features Are Not Used

WhatsApp Assures That Privacy Won’t Be Affected If These Two Optional Features Are Not Used

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  • WhatsApp has clarified that your privacy won’t be affected if you refrain from using two optional features.
  • The app recently stated that it is upgrading its terms of services and privacy policies from February 8.
  • WhatsApp faced a lot of criticism after this, compelling people to use other alternatives like Signal and Telegram.

Recently, WhatsApp announced that it is updating its terms of service and privacy policies from February 8, 2021, onwards. After being criticized by users over privacy concerns, the Facebook-owned messaging app is now clarifying that your privacy won’t be impacted if you avoid its two optional features.

In its FAQ section, WhatsApp stated that the new privacy policy won’t affect the privacy of your messages with your friends and family. As per the company, the update will only affect the messages sent to business accounts on WhatsApp and it is an optional feature.

WhatsApp and Facebook cannot view your private messages

WhatsApp has said that it provides end-to-end encryption for personal messages to all users and neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your personal messages or listen to your personal calls.

It also claims not to keep logs of user’s messages and calls as it considers it to be a privacy and security breach.

WhatsApp won’t share your contacts

Also, WhatsApp has claimed that it does not share your contacts with other apps from Facebook. The contacts are allowed to quickly message you from the app.

Is WhatsApp going to share anything with Facebook?

WhatsApp has assured that it will only share data related to how you communicate with businesses on its app. According to the instant message service provider, it will soon permit businesses to use Facebook’s hosting services to manage their interaction with users. A label will be added to businesses who employ Facebook’s hosting services.

WhatsApp Business accounts can use Facebook’s Shops platform to display their products on WhatsApp. If you shop from businesses that are using the Shops platform, your shopping activity data will be public on Facebook and it will be used for ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Shortly, Facebook will authorize you to message businesses using WhatsApp using a button on its platform. If you message a business on WhatsApp, Facebook can utilize this to data to show your similar ads on its platform.


As Facebook can’t view your personal chats with friends and family, it will make use of your chats with businesses to show your more ads on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms from the company.

This implies that even if your personal data is safe, your messages with businesses will be shared with Facebook.

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