Turkey Acquired Military Drones Featured with Machine Guns

Turkey Acquired Military Drones Featured with Machine Guns

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Turkey is set to become the first country to introduce a new military drone, mounted with machine guns that can fire single shots or fifteen round bursts to carry a total of two hundred rounds.

The latest technology is invented by the Asisguard, which is a tech firm in Ankara. Asisguard is specialized in military technology.

The all-new military drone will use a laser sighting system to perform a high degree to exactness. It will further use a set of robotic supports to offset weapon retreat and ensure its way to fly as it is not thrown off by fire.

Weight 55-pound, the all-new military drone is named “Songar”, which will accelerate 6-miles at heights of upto 1.7-miles above the ground.

According to sources, “Songar” will be able to hit targets as tiny as 6-inches from distance upto 650-feet. It will be featured with fire 5.56 x 45 mm NATO class bullets.

This military drone can be flown of up to three in groups, all of which can be functional by a single controller.

It will also come featured with a camera to make its effective for surveillance and scouting missions. GPS will be used for its navigation and its vision system will be functional day and night.

At the International Defence Industry, Asisguard has first announced the “Songar” in the spring. The company has described the new military as “the first Turkish-made automatic shooting stabilized the armed drone.”

Hence, “Songar” is likely to open up new uses for drones.

Source: NewScientist.com

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