Trump 2020 App Removed From Google Play Store As It Didn’t Work

Trump 2020 App Removed From Google Play Store As It Didn’t Work

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Android apps have to meet a ‘minimum level of functionality

Google suspended former president Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign app from Google’s Play Store on Wednesday. According to Android Police, it wasn’t removed for any of the several other reasons that Trump has been removed from the world’s largest platforms, but rather, it only didn’t work.

Before the suspension, the app provided campaign news, an event schedule, and means to contribute to the campaign, but at some point, it didn’t work, compelling Google to take it down. Android Police affirmed that the app was non-functional before Google suspended it. When Android Police tested the app, it wasn’t able to load content, reporting a network error or simply spinning a loading ‘T’ circle endlessly.” The iOS version of the app is still on the Apple App Store and still working, though.

It is not surprising, but apps have to maintain “minimum functionality” as part of the Play Store’s policies, which suggests that they should both load and be active. Google provided reasons to Android Police about why it removed the app.

As there could be a motive to connect the app’s removal to larger political motives like Trump’s second impeachment or even previous cases of the former President getting suspended from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, this is an easy app store moderation at work. If an app doesn’t function and the developers don’t update, it is suspended until further notice. As the 2020 campaign is over, don’t expect the app to get updated until 2024 at least.

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