Toyota is building a flying car and we are excited!

Toyota is building a flying car and we are excited!

Many fictions have depicted flying cars as in the future there will be lots of flying cars in the sky. Though it could be a long time when you will actually see a flying car in action, the good news is Japanese automobile company Toyota-backed SkyDrive has already built the foundation of futuristic flying cars. 

Toyota-backed SkyDrive has recently publicly demonstrated their first flying car. After years of innovation, they finally arranged a crewed test flight for its SD-03 vehicle via observer. The first test flight of this innovative flying vehicle by Toyota was held at their test fields in the city of Toyota. One pilot at the helm has demonstrated the test flight. This new model has flown over a 10,000-square-meter for about four minutes. The test flight was successful as well as it also proved that the aircraft or flying car could work as promised in the field.

SkyDrive – Dashboard

The SD-03 flying car has been recognized as the world’s smallest VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicle. It is expected that once it comes into action it will provide a new means of transportation for the urban people. A total of eight rotors help it fly steadily and safely, even if one motor is down during travel then the rest can help it to fly safely. 

After this successful test drive, the company is expecting to get approval for flights beyond the test field at the end of this year. They planned to launch this two-seat commercial flying vehicle – SkyDrive by 2023. This time schedule has lined up with Japan’s timeline for introducing a flying taxi service.

So it can be hoped we are going to experience the small, short-hop aircraft flying all over the sky as hinted in the futuristic movies. This will be sheer effective for alleviating the huge road traffic we experience nowadays and will make our sky more congested but colourful.

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