The latest flagship of Fairphone, the 3 +, cost just €70

Dutch social enterprise, Fairphone, has stepped a step closer to the innovative vision of a circular economy by announcing the launch of a mobile update for its flagship device.

The backward-compatible hardware units indicate previous years Fairphone 3 users will just need to switch out a few modules to be keeping the Fairphone 3 + in their hand instead of purchasing a brand new device.

In an earlier redesign for its ‘ethical mobile,’ Fairphone has pulled out a similar feat except for this time it has shrunk the period it takes to deliver the newest genetic app ‘plug and play’ update kits.

The biggest point about this is really a message to the industry that you can update your handset and don’t have to come out next year with a brand new model.

The key plan of the Fairphone project is to find innovative ways to prolong the lifespan of the unit. A yearly or biennial update process that enables customers to exchange perfectly working phones for a dazzling new model is the main capital sinkhole associating mobile phone use. The owners of Fairphone 3 will have a better conscience in their new pack.

For the new Fairphone 3 + users, Fairphone is offering the Fairphone 3 + camera modules for different operations, with an initial cost of €70 before the end of September.

For the new users of Fairphone 3 +, Fairphone is offering the Fairphone 3 + camera modules for different operations, with an initial cost of €70 before the end of September.

It also offers a €469 rpm Fairphone 3 + smartphone, targeted at new consumers – beginning today, with a pre-sale date of 14 September in Europe, on its website, and via affiliate retailers.

In both cases, the 4 G Fairphone 3 + has a fully HD 5.7-in monitor with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It’s operating Android 10 out of the package. There are RAM 4 GB and ROM 64 GB on the board, which can be extended using microSD. The battery that can be replaced is 3,000mAh. The fingerprint scanner and the NFC are both eligible.

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