Tesla Plans Implementing New Automated Camera System For Quality Inspection

Tesla Plans Implementing New Automated Camera System For Quality Inspection

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Tesla plans to implement a new automated camera system for quality inspection on manufacturing lines at its Fremont factory.

The development takes place in the aftermath of the continued concerns about Tesla’s quality issues.

A new job listing from Tesla has been spotted where they are looking to recruit an engineer for leading the design and installation of a new automated camera inspection system to look after assembly lines in Fremont.

According to the automaker, the job includes designing new automated quality inspection systems. There’s no timeline for expecting this new system to be placed at the Fremont factory.

Tesla is producing Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y vehicles at the factory in California. Regularly, the automaker ranks at the bottom of industry-wide quality surveys, like the latest JD Power auto quality survey.

Tesla has improved over the years, but crucial issues often arise with new vehicle production, like with the Model Y over the recent past.

The quality issues have been identified as Tesla’s propensity to move super fast. Tesla’s former VP of quality explained that the automaker’s test cycles and changes are implemented too quickly.

Camera-based computer vision systems to observe quality are not new in the automotive industry, but it appears that Tesla is implementing new systems here. Interestingly, Tesla is already developing significant expertise in computer vision.

We need to see if it can transfer some of that expertise into quality control.

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