Tesla may Merge With Another Carmaker

Tesla may Merge With Another Carmaker

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed during an interview following an award event in Germany, that he wasn’t opposed to the idea of merging with another carmaker.

Tesla won’t definitely launch a hostile takeover, according to Musk, as quoted by Electrek. If anyone feels it would be a good idea to merge with Tesla, they would have the conversation.

Tesla’s valuation has been rapidly increasing this year. The car manufacturer’s market cap is now over half a trillion dollars.

Though in the past, other carmakers like Toyota and Daimler have invested in Tesla, they have laid off their stakes, confirmed by Electrek.

Probably, Musk isn’t going to pursue a merger any time soon, but it does mark a change in tone for the CEO.  Way back in 2017, Musk rejected the idea of Apple buying the carmaker.

Musk also emailed the employees earlier today that he wants Tesla to concentrate on actual profits, alerting them that stocks may soon fall drastically.

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