Tesla Launching Full Self-Driving Subscription Within 4 Months

Elon Musk says that Tesla will be launching its subscription service for its Full Self-Driving package within the next three to four months.

Are you ready for a high monthly premium?

Last year, it was reported on pieces of evidence that Tesla is concentrating on a pay-as-you-go subscription for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) package. Later, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla planned to launch such an option by the end of 2020.

Over the last few months, it seems as if Tesla was going to stick to this timeline as we witnessed Tesla preparing the launch of a Full Self-Driving subscription with updates to the backend of its in-app upgrades to incorporate a subscription model. However, the release was pushed later on by the CEO to early 2021.

We are now deep in early 2021, and the automaker was yet to release the option for the FSD package, which is valued at $10,000 during the purchase of a new Tesla vehicle.

Now, Musk confirmed on Twitter that the timeline is now definite during the second quarter of 2021, which means that the tentative release will be between April and June.

The CEO also emphasized that it will still be a better long-term deal to directly purchase the Full Self-Driving package, something that Musk has iterated many times over the last year as the subscription service became more feasible.

The features that customers get with the FSD package are as follows-

  • Navigate on Autopilot
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Autopark
  • Summon
  • Full Self-Driving Computer
  • Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control

Tesla plans for the package to ultimately lead to full self-driving capability, but the automaker has earlier missed a few timelines on that front, and even if it attained it, the release will depend on regulatory approval, which is market-specific.

As Tesla gets closer to that goal, the automaker is increasing the price of the package to $10,000 now.

The subscription service may cost above $100 per month, and the price could go up with the purchase price.

Musk is claiming that Tesla vehicles will gain in value due to their self-driving capability, which may generate revenue through an upcoming self-driving ride-hailing network that Tesla is contemplating to launch later this year.

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