Tesla Inaugurates Model 3 2021 Refresh With Advanced Features

Tesla Inaugurates Model 3 2021 Refresh With Advanced Features

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Tesla has announced the Model 3 2021 refresh with more range and all the attributes we were predicting.

Since last week, we have been reporting on Tesla presently updating Model 3 with a pertinent refresh that includes several new features.

We have witnessed the new centre console, new wheels, and reported on a few other features. All are official now.

Tesla has now equipped its online configurator with the new Model 3 2021 refresh, and as anticipated, there are more surprises.

Apart from the previously reported aesthetic changes, Tesla has also made new efficiency advancements, including the new heat pump system, a source familiar with the matter and it has produced longer range across the lineup:

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motors is availing a 30-mile range increase to 353 miles (568km ).

The other versions of the vehicle also have increased their ranges:

  • Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus: 263 miles up from 250 miles
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance: 315 miles up from 299 miles

A source is familiar with the matter and confirmed that Tesla has strengthened new Model 3 vehicles with a new “efficiency package” that uplifts Tesla’s already industry-leading efficiency and resulting in the longer range.

You can know more about the improved efficiency once the EPA test results are out.

The new Model 3 is also equipped with all of the features that we confirmed in previous reports, like a powered trunk, new double-paned windows, and several aesthetic modifications.

As expected, Tesla embraced the chrome delete as it did for the Model Y.

The interior is witnessing the bigger change with the new metallic finish steering wheel, which is now apparently heated, and the new centre console:

Tesla has totally upgraded the Model 3 wheel lineup with advanced 18″ and 19″ wheel designs, and they brought the new 20’’ Überturbine Wheels to the sedan:

The auto-dimming mirror to the Model 3 has also been brought back with this 2021 refresh.

Every version is getting quicker 0-60 mph accelerations. The Model 3 Performance has shaved another tenth of a second at now 3.1 seconds to get to 60 mph.

There are also some fewer modifications, like a graphite trim near the seat control, that needs the car on hand in order to get a better view at it, and we predict that there are quite a few other changes that we will know about as they deliver the vehicle in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned alert! The new versions of the Model 3 have been coming off the production line in Fremont for the past few weeks, but the initial vehicles were meant for international markets, and now Tesla started producing to cater to the North American market.

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