Tesla Files For Using New ‘Millimetre-wave Radar’ On Its Electric Cars

Tesla Files For Using New ‘Millimetre-wave Radar’ On Its Electric Cars

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Tesla has applied with the FCC to use the new “millimetre-wave radar” for Autopilot and Full Self-Driving for its electric cars.

New Tesla Radar

Tesla has a front-facing radar sensor hidden inside the front fascia of its vehicles as part of its Autopilot/Full Self-Driving (FSD) sensor suite.

A new FCC filing from Tesla has been found in which the automaker applied for a new “Vehicle Millimeter-wave Radar Sensor” to use on public roads:

The equipment under test (EUT) was a Vehicle Millimeter-wave Radar Sensor featuring 60 GHz band (60-64 GHz).

Tesla applied for confidentiality for the new device so more information and pictures are unavailable until the confidentiality agreement is up in July 2021.

Recently it was reported that Tesla is looking for adding a new “4D” radar with twice the range of its earlier radar.

Previously during its Autopilot and self-driving endeavour, Tesla decided to bank on computer vision equipped by a camera and supported with radar.

CEO Elon Musk doesn’t approve the use of lidar sensors for autonomous driving systems.

Previously, they were known to be expensive but have come down in price in recent years, even then, they wouldn’t put it on.

Rather, Tesla is employing eight surround cameras around its vehicles accompanied by 12 ultrasonic sensors and a front-facing radar.

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