Survey Suggests Brand Loyalty High for iPhone & Low For Android

A new survey reveals that Apple iPhone brand loyalty increased as Android users became less loyal to their device makers and more inclined to churn to another brand.

The survey, conducted by SellCell earlier in March 2021, included above 5,000 smartphone users who owned various models of the most renowned handset brands. The results imply that iPhone users are more loyal and least interested to switch to another brand than their Android-using counterparts.

Brand loyalty for Apple reached an all-time high of 92%, up from 90.5% in a SellCell survey at the same time in 2019. During that same time, Samsung brand loyalty plunged from 85.7% to 74% in 2019. The SellCell results also reveal that the iPhone user is almost 18% “more loyal” to the Apple ecosystem than Samsung owners.

While only 8.1% of iPhone users claim that they planned to switch to another brand, around 26% of Samsung users said that they would jump ship with their next smartphone upgrade. Among those potential switchers, 53% said they’d purchase an iPhone. Privacy is the main reason for 31.5% of those switchers, according to the results.

Only Samsung didn’t lose loyalty in the survey results. Brand loyalty among Google Pixel, LG, and Motorola users all declined. For the Google Pixel lineup, brand loyalty fell 18.8% in two years.

A bulk majority of respondents, 46.6%, also accepted that the iPhone 12 is presently the best flagship smartphone range. That’s compared to 30.4% who claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S21 was the best flagship series on the market.

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