Sony’s Spatial Reality Display Allows Staring at 3D Objects Without Glasses

3D TVs are have become obsolete. That is why there’s a hurry to deliver glasses-free 3D sets at home. That doesn’t prove the worthlessness of the technology. Sony’s new Spatial Reality Display (or SR Display), for example, applies eye-tracking technology to deliver believable 3D objects. No need to wear 3D glasses or put on a VR headset. It’s something CG and VR artists could employ to preview their work easily. It isn’t for consumers though at $5,000 price.

Sony first demonstrated the SR Display at CES this year, where it was called its “Eye-Sensing Light Field Display.” It comprises of 15.6-inch 4K LCD along with a high-speed vision sensor that monitors eye movement, as well as your position when you walk around the display and a micro-optical lens that’s layered over the LCD and divides the screen for your left and right eyes for creating a stereoscopic image. The SR Display needs a beefy PC, with at least a modern Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA’s RTX 2070 Super GPU, to perform its complex algorithm in real-time. It is more effective as two separate 2K images are produced repeatedly to match your eye movement.

None could see the Spatial Reality Display in action ahead of this announcement. But Engadget UK Bureau Chief Mat Smith, who had a glimpse of it at CES, describes the screen resembling a “potted hologram demo,” that was “small, fuzzy and unremarkable.” As Sony is referring to it as a glasses-free 3D screen, promotional videos make it resemble a small stage for holographic objects.

According to sources, Volkswagen claims to find it “considerable usefulness and multiple applications” for the display during its conceptualization and design process. It could be especially helpful for VFX-heavy movies as it enables filmmakers to get a preview of CG effects and 3D models from multiple angles.

We all understand how challenging it is for creatives to professionally ally today, the Spatial Reality Display could also be an effective way to watch complex 3D models and scenes from a distance. That complements the company’s “3R Technology,” its new focus on “reality, real-time and remote” solutions during the pandemic era. It incorporates things like volumetric capture technology, as well as its new intelligent image sensors with AI processing, based on a description of Sony’s presentation during the CEATEC conference next week. 

Priced at $5,000 (or $6,650 Canadian), Sony’s Spatial Reality Display will be available from November onwards. Check the company’s site and retailers.

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