Sony launched wearable AC to keep cool during summer

Sony launched wearable AC to keep cool during summer

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Summer days are hard to pass and especially if you need to step out of your house, then you can feel the irresistible heat that will interrupt your regular functions. This became too fierce with the rise of global warming and air conditioners have become a mandatory thing for today’s American lifestyle. But the air conditioners usually cover indoor premises and if you need to walk outside your car then with adequate heat protection you may feel the rough temperament of the sun.

The Reon Pocket – the next generation air conditioner.

So during these hot days if you may wear an air conditioner along with your shirt is, of course, great comfort, and Sony launched a pocket AC, named “The Reon Pocket” to keep you cool while you are roaming outside. The plan for launching a pocket AC was first unveiled in 2019 for launch to counter the heat during Tokyo Olympics during 2020. But as due to this COVID-19 pandemic the Olympic committee postponed 2020 games and pushed to 2021, Sony decided to launch The Reon Pocket in Japan as per their previous plan. 

Top features of The Reon Pocket:

  • Very less weighted: 

This pocket-size AC designed by Sony weighs nearly 3 ounces, so this can be carried anywhere within the pocket. The Reon pocket will the most less weighted AC, once available in the market.

  • Fits inside a regular size pocket:

The Reon Pocket is meant to carry with you when you need to walk outside. Therefore it is designed in such a way it will fit comfortably inside a regular size pocket, so you can carry it around your back. 

  • Useful in all weather condition: 

This pocket AC can cool down the temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit for hot summer and can increase the temperature up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be useful during winter. 

  • Smart and user-friendly:

You can fix your desirable temperature by selecting cool, warm, off, adjust in one touch. Alternatively, you can adjust the temperature from your Smartphone once you connect your phone with the Reon Pocket app via Bluetooth. 

  • 90 minutes of battery life:

As per the manufacturer, the device will work up to 90 minutes against a single charge. This is meant to use while you are open outside and staying 90 minutes under the scorching sun is good enough. It is chargeable via USB Type-C and will take around two hours to fully charge the same as our mobile phones. 

  • Supported by Android and iOS devices:

The Reon Pocket is compatible with both Android and iOS, so from these both popular operating systems, this wearable AC can be operated.

  • Uses the Peltier effect:

This device functions by creating a difference in both sides’ temperature; it keeps the body cool by increasing the temperature of one side to decrease it on the other side, which is used to replace heat sinks for microprocessors. 


While using this you should maintain some caution for the perfect functions. Such as,

  • The body isn’t waterproof, so you can’t expose it to water or snow.
  • The device shouldn’t be used in extreme sweating conditions, like during exercise. 
  • Wearing multiple clothes on top of innerwear may reduce the performance of this pocket AC.


During hot summer such a pocket AC will keep you cool as well will not much affect your pocket. Price of The Reon Pocket is available at Sony web stores for roughly 120 dollars or 13,000 Japanese yen, which is reasonable as per the expectation from this product. Especially while global warming is burning the planet, this pocket AC will provide some relief from the extreme heat. 

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