Some Interesting Facts About Sir Nikola Tesla

Some Interesting Facts About Sir Nikola Tesla

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Do you remember Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor, futurist, and philosopher? Tesla is known as the inventor of Alternative Current (AC). He was a brilliant electrical and mechanical engineer. Tesla was born on July 10th in 1856, in the Austrian empire. His ideas were so advanced for his time that many people considered his concepts as ridiculous and crazy. In spite of all the obstructions, he pursued his career and proved them wrong. Science will never forget his contributions that have helped in inventing lots of new inventions. He set the first step for future wireless technology, x-rays, lasers, radar, robotics, and much more. There are more than 300 patents registered under his name. Today we are going to unveil some of the surprising facts about the legendary scientist.

Tesla Was Born During a Lightning Storm

He was born on the night of 9/10 of July 1856 in the Croatian village of Smiljan amid a fierce lightning storm. According to a family legend, the midwife on the midway of birth said lightning is a bad omen. She said the child would be a child of darkness, but her mother replied,

No. He will be a child of light.

It seems the words of her mother became true.

Sir Tesla had an Amazing Memory

Tesla’s visualization power to objects was always exceptional from a very young age. His research process was different from other scientists. Instead of drawing and sketching, he used his imagination power to work out details. He acquired the ability to visualize in 3D that allowed him to see all sides of an invention before it was created.

He Never Slept More than 2 Hours a Night

Tesla asserted that he never slept for more than two hours but said that he used to doze off now and then to recharge himself. According to him, sleeping was a waste of time. Instead of sleeping, he used to spend hours reading.

He is the Pioneer of Significant Modern Inventions

Tesla and ally George Westinghouse fought for alternating current or AC. On the other side, Thomas Edison supported direct current or DC. Indeed, AC won over DC. He invented Electric Light, Electric Motors, Radio, X-Ray, Remote Control, Radar, Wireless Communications, all concepts.

Tesla Invented the Idea of Smartphones in 1901!

We all know how much importance is of a smartphone in our daily life. For instant communication, he created the idea of smartphone technology in the year 1901. He said to his business partner J.P. Morgan that the instant communication process will gather stock quotes and telegram messages. He said he would funnel them to encode into a new frequency.

Nikola Tesla was a Germaphobe 🦠

The scientist was extremely afraid of germs and cleaned everything. He required a stack of 18 napkins to clean his dining room every night. He used to wear white gloves to every dinner. He was obsessed with the number three and used to carry out compulsive rituals related to three. He also used to maintain a strict life schedule.

Tesla Was an Environmentalist 🌍

He was very concerned regarding the fact that we were using up the Earth’s resources too quickly. He wanted to make sure that we are using non-fossil or renewable fuels. Tesla initiated research to store the natural energy in the ground and the sky. He also invented artificial lightning in his laboratory and examined electrical potential differences in the Earth.

The experiments of Tesla had opened the door for numerous aspects of modern technology and everyday life. Without him, we would have been in a different place. He passed away in 1943. The U.S. government still classifies his inventions and experiments. The Office of Alien Property seized all of his belongings and handed over to his family. Tesla spent throughout his life in Manhattan hotels, especially towards the end of his life. He was more concentrated on humanity and experiments than money.

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