It’s time to let go the love for M416 – 2 simple reasons why you should use the 7.62 guns more often in PUBG Mobile.

It’s time to let go the love for M416 – 2 simple reasons why you should use the 7.62 guns more often in PUBG Mobile.

You are reading this article means either you are a regular PUBG Mobile player or you are just getting started with it. No doubt PUBG is one of the best mobile games on the market and the fun is more real because of the detailed accuracy of the guns in the game. Sure you have heard of the mighty M416 everyone is bragging about, but is it really that powerful or there’s something else? This article explains why you should ditch the M416 in favour of the M762 or AKM. In addition to that, we will also give you the best attachment combos for the M762 and AKM, which will help you control the guns more freely.

Sure, I know now you are thinking about recoil handling. Come on’, if you want to get those kills you have to control the recoil and with the proper attachments combination, you can overcome this fear of the recoil.

Reason No 1 – Highest Damage Rate

Damage rate is the core of any weapon, right? The following table shows you the different damage rates available for the AR rifles in PUBG mobile.

7.62 V/S 5.56 Guns Damage Comparison

As you can see from the comparison table, DP-28 has the highest damage rate whereas the M416 has the lowest. Possibly, this is one of the reasons why you kept thinking why you died even after firing so many shots at your enemy. Sure DP takes way too much time to load, but think about the combination of an M762 and DP-28. You will be bringing a hell of fire upon your enemies.

Reason No 2 – Highest Bullet Power V/S the Velocity

Bullet velocity is definitely one of the major factors when the target is at a distance but, if you are fighting close, the bullet power comes in handy. The more power you have, the faster you are able to knock your enemies down and eventually get that chicken dinner. The following comparison table shows you that clearly, the 7.62 guns have the power you need.

When it comes to close combat, it is clear that 7.62 guns are a fair winner, but the biggest problem of using AKM or the M762 is the recoil. Which can be a real pain if you are not able to handle it properly. So here are our tips on how to handle the recoil like a pro in PUBG mobile.

Use the proper attachments.

Attachments are the cool things, right? Well, do this, follow our tips blindly and thank us later in the comments. Use the following attachments if you are using M762 (or the M416).

Compensator, Laser Sight, Extended Mag and the Tactical Stock. In case of an AKM, use the Compensator over the flash hider or suppressor. We strongly oppose the use of suppressor because who uses suppressor in close combat? Enemies don’t give a shit about the sound, they will want to kill you so better you be ready with the proper attachments which can save you in the PUBG battleground. 

Do not spray continuously and use the gyroscope.

The heat of the moment, you start to spray like hell! Don’t do that, pause between your spraying and reposition your sight using the gyro. This will take some time to adapt, but once you do – the battles will be fun to fight in PUBG mobile.

That’s all folks. We hope this simple guide will help you improve your gameplay! Have fun and share this with your teammates so that they can get some of the kills as well. Hurrah!

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