Science Reveals That Time Is Running Out For Humanity

Science Reveals That Time Is Running Out For Humanity

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Though we aren’t witnessing any apocalypse in the near future, humanity would still be under threat due to the nightmarish reproductive crisis that we are now encountering.  Just about every measure of human fertility that you can estimate is dropping unexpectedly and this is especially true in western society.  Consequently, there are many young adults who are either infertile or struggle with fertility challenges and the number of babies born with birth defects has been rising.  It becomes worse with every passing year and the future for humanity is extremely severe unless we find a solution to turn things around.

Dr Shanna Swan has been minutely analyzing these challenges for decades and she is now cautioning that the present state of reproductive affairs can’t continue much longer without endangering human survival.

Sperm counts in Western countries have declined by more than 50 per cent since the 1970s. At the same time, men’s problems with conceiving are on the rise. Erectile dysfunction is increasing too and testosterone levels are dropping by 1 per cent every year.

Mount Sinai fertility scientist Dr Shanna Swan in her book, “Count Down” warns that the present state of reproductive affairs can’t continue much longer without intimidating human survival. It’s an existential crisis, universally.

Unfortunately, she is not exaggerating at all.  There is simply no way that the human race can prevent a dramatic population drop if these trends continue.

Earlier, Dr Swan made headlines when she alerted that sperm counts have fallen by an unbelievable 59 per cent between 1973 and 2011.

In 2017, she warned with a meta-analysis of 40,000 men that revealed that sperm count dropped by a huge percentage of 59 between 1973 and 2011.

Already, we are witnessing the consequences. Fertility has decreased globally by 50 per cent between 1960 and 2015. The United States has a total birth rate that is 16 per cent below what it needs to replace itself. Though there are apparent factors applicable, like couples are conceiving later and opting to have smaller families, Swan believes that the issues run deeper than personal choice.

What would our planet resemble if fertility plunged globally by another 50 per cent?

Global population growth has already become stagnant in most areas, and there are some nations that are already beginning to witness crucial declines.

Men, in particular, are becoming infertile at an intimidating rate.  According to Swan, sperm counts have become extremely low.

Today the average male is nearing that number at 47.1 million sperm per millilitre, compared to his father, who had an average of 99 million sperm per millilitre, and it’s imminent that this is a deeply disturbing trend. If you get below 40 million, it becomes difficult to father a child, and the average male is nearly there already.

Why is it happening?

Well, Dr Swan is indicating the predominance of endocrine disruptors in our society…

Swan and other experts believe the issue is a class of chemicals called endocrine disruptors, which copy the body’s hormones and thus deceive our cells. This is a particular issue for fetuses as they sexually differentiate early in pregnancy. Endocrine disruptors can cause reproductive destruction.

These endocrine disruptors are everywhere: plastics, shampoos, cosmetics, cushions, pesticides, canned foods and A.T.M. receipts. They often aren’t on labels and can be hard to avoid.

For eliminating endocrine disruptors completely from your life, you would possibly need to drop out of society entirely.

Another scientist at Washington State University has discovered that exposure to endocrine disruptors can make 20 per cent of mice infertile within three generations…

The bottom line is that humanity is in very serious trouble, and the only way out is to radically change our behaviour.

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