Riot Plans to Release A League of Legends x Among Us Game

Riot Plans to Release A League of Legends x Among Us Game

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Have you contemplated playing Among Us but with Sona, Master Yi, Lee Sin, Seraphine, and even Lillia around the LoL universe, including Demacia and Ionia, ignoring space and astronauts?

Riot Games may have explored the chance of this scenario arriving shortly. As of now, the company has produced a series of surveys to ask players if they are interested in buying some kind of video games that still employ the same champions and locations we are familiar with and enjoyed in our beloved League of the Legends.

Riot still doesn’t have any detailed information about the games, but it is undeniably something the community will be more than happy to be involved in the potential project integrating the League of Legends and Among Us.

Will we have an opportunity to play League of Legends x Among Us soon?

A question in the survey is about a game where players need to solve mysteries or even deceive others, a type of multi-player game which is very similar to the Town of Salem or Among Us.

The survey reflects Riot’s plan to broaden the universe of the League of Legends. They also adhere to the assets of their first MOBA game and so far, didn’t show any willingness to create a new game title with completely different characters and lores. Even Valorant,  their FPS game comprise of several character designs that are influenced by League of Legends.

In the survey, Riot also wants to try unique game styles like RPG, strategy, and something related to the Metroidvania Hollow Knight theme apart from the potential League of Legends x Among Us.

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