PUBG Mobile-developer Invests $22.4 Million For India’s Nodwin Gaming

Krafton, the developer of popular gaming title PUBG Mobile, has invested $22.4 million in Indian esports firm Nodwin Gaming, the two firms announced on Tuesday as the South Korean firm seems to maintain some presence in what was once its important overseas market. Nodwin Gaming is a subsidiary of local gaming giant Nazara and has established itself as one of the biggest esports firms in India.

Presently, the Gurgaon-headquartered firm collaborates with many firms including Blizzard Entertainment, Valve, Riot Games, ESL to facilitate them to host events, provide commentary, produce and license content, and gather brands and sponsors. Currently, Nodwin expanded to Africa, will deploy the fresh capital to accelerate its growth in international markets.

Krafton and Nodwin have been partnering with each other for some time. The two organizations announced last week that they will be collaborating to organize two PUBG Mobile events in Asia.

According to Akshat Rathee, co-founder and managing director of Nodwin Gaming, Esports will be a crucial pillar to the growth of sports entertainment in the future. Comfortably placed at a wonderful intersection of sports, entertainment and technology, countries like India can show the path. With Krafton coming on board, an endorsement can be availed from the mecca of gaming and esports South Korea on what they are building from India for the world based on their competence in mobile-first markets.

India banned PUBG Mobile and many other apps affiliated to China last year citing cybersecurity concerns. Krafton is trying to bring PUBG Mobile back to India without any luck yet.

To relieve New Delhi’s concerns regarding users’ security, Krafton said it had severed ties with Chinese publisher Tencent. It also signed a global cloud deal with Microsoft. Sean Hyunil Sohn, the head of Corporate Development at Krafton, earlier this month said during a gaming conference that the company will work hard to bring PUBG Mobile back to India. However, he didn’t elaborate.

According to Changhan Kim, chief executive of Krafton, they are excited to collaborate with Nodwin Gaming to help foster the promising esports ecosystem and engage with their fans and players in India.

Taking the momentum from this collaboration, additional investment opportunities will be explored in the region to uphold their commitment and dedication in cultivating the local video game, esports, entertainment, and tech industries.”

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