PS4 Fans Irate Over Removed Features on New PlayStation Update

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store, and some of the modifications have made PS4 and PS5 fans infuriated. On October 19, Sony will roll out a new version of the PlayStation Store on web and mobile devices that will incorporate a host of changes, including one that’s gone live before. The Game Library website of PlayStation has been streamlined to display your purchased games, played games, PlayStation Now games, PlayStation Plus games, and more. What it won’t show now is your PS3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita games. This means that if you want to view these games, you will need to boot up your PSP, PlayStation Vita, or PSP, which is a major challenge.

It suggests that you will need to boot these systems up to buy games for these devices, which is a major challenge too. This change has received flak as Sony is releasing an all-digital console. As the PS5 releases in November, it will cost $500, until you co-op the all-digital version that removes the hard drive and is $100 cheaper. It’s a sharp-witted step by Sony. As the market becoming more and more digital, it can make earn more revenue on digital games than retail games. This makes this latest change to the PlayStation Store all the more confusing. Quite expectedly, most PlayStation fans aren’t satisfied with the change.  

At this point in time, it’s unknown why Sony has incorporated these changes.

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