Now get paid for playing video games

Now get paid for playing video games

We have some good news for those who love to play video games all day long. PlayStation is now looking for people like you. Now tt’s your opportunity to prove that you’re a gamer. But it’s not that easy, there are other boxes you need to fill out if you want to be hired.

Now, PlayStation is recruiting people to play live video games, and while there is yet no declaration about the salary, we are sure that the gaming giant will be flooded with applications.

Described as a “Localisation tester” the person must possess a strong passion for games, be conscious of video games on different platforms, well-equipped with MS Office kit and have a clear understanding of the development cycle and constraint.

But here lies the final catch: To register, you must be fluent in Portuguese, Russian, or Arabic. Also, you have to stay in Liverpool.

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