New Windows 10 Updates Will Have an Updated Touch Keyboard with GIFs, Emoji, and Better Voice Typing

Microsoft plans to make few big improvements to the built-in touch keyboard for Windows 10. The company’s work with Windows 10X expands upon a revamped touch-keyboard interface, offering new graphics, sounds, all-important search, and implementation of animated GIFs.

The latest interface in Windows 10 also features improved configurations, which are designed for taping and the option to shift the mouse across the spacebar on the touch keyboard. It’s very much like how you can operate the iOS cursor by putting your finger on the space bar and slide to navigate left, right, up, and down.

Even in Windows 10, Microsoft has updated the emoji picker. The emoji picker will soon have an updated version based on Microsoft Fluent Design Framework, which triggers when you press Winkey + time

Microsoft has also launched a new method of Windows dictation, along with the keypads and emoji upgrades. It has a more progressive interface, auto-punctuation, and an improved backend that Microsoft claims as one of the most trustworthy voice typing experience.

All these latest updates in Windows 10 have been reviewed in Dev Channel this week with Windows Insiders. The updates will be available in the first half of 2021.

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