New Underground Lakes Have Been Detected Near the South Pole of Mars

New Underground Lakes Have Been Detected Near the South Pole of Mars

Liquid water is one of the main substances for life, so the existence of any water sources pushes the researchers to find the potential for life abroad in the Solar System.

Lakes of liquid water are discovered on Mars nearby the South Pole. But those are thoughtfully too salty to the survival of any microbiological species. Mars has lost its atmosphere so water can’t stay in its liquid form.

According to co-author Dr. Roberto Orosei, National Institute of Astrophysics in Bologna, Italy – ” It’s even more likely that these bodies of water existed in the past “.He also says “As Mars was undergoing its climatic catastrophe and turning from a relatively warm planet – though it’s not clear how warm – to a frozen waste, there was a place where life could adapt and survive.”

In 2018, the Marsis report signs of a 20 km wide subsurface lake located 1.5 km under Man’s south polar layered deposits. Now a team including many of the same scientists from 2018, is decoding a huge dataset of 134 radar profiles that were collected between 2010 & 2019. The team hooks a technique which is commonly used to investigate of sub-glacial lakes of Antarctica, Canada & Greenland. By the co-author Elena Pettinelli from Roma Tre University in Italy, they have found three new bright areas & the interpretation that best reconciles all the available evidence is that the high-intensity reflections (from Mars) are coming from extended pools of liquid water.

By the lack of enough heat at the depth to melt the ice, scientists count on high concentrations of dissolved salts in water. By the experiments, water with dissolved salts of magnesium & calcium perchlorate can carry on liquid at -123C. Those lakes are too similar to some hypersaline lakes on earth, having a salt concentration of 40%.

According to Orosei, the study of lakes can tell the Martian history, more detailed figures of geology & climate. The team is not at rest, they carry on gathering data as long as Mars run on.

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