New $99 HomePod Mini From Apple is Heading Towards You

New $99 HomePod Mini From Apple is Heading Towards You

It may consume a couple of years, but Apple has announced HomePod Mini at last. It’ll be a smart speaker whose cost can compete with reasonable offerings from rivals Google, Amazon, and Sonos. The novel HomePod is an inexpensive, less powerful cousin to the costlier HomePod launched in 2018, It is arriving on November 16 at $99. In India, it will cost ₹9,900. You can start placing orders from November 6 onwards.

Apple authorities haven’t clarified how the HomePod Mini downgrades from the real larger model. However, they have confirmed the use of an Apple S5 chip to drive computational audio, which will vigorously fine-tune audio depending on the room it’ll be kept in. Apple is forever committed to a full-range dynamic driver that produces high output while reducing distortion as much as possible.

The 3.3″ tall hardware comprises of a touch panel on its top for play/pause and volume options. It’ll also contain a light-up display to notify about the use of Siri. Once you hold an iPhone in close proximity to a HomePod Mini, its top panel will show this. You can access the offbeat options on the phone. The form factor is identical to a flattened original HomePod with its signature white mesh covering. This model has a black option too.

According to sources in Apple, HomePod Mini can sync up with any other HomePod family products within the same premises. This has been demonstrated with two of the new, smaller units on the same shelf, functioning like an authentic “stereo” arrangement. All HomePod products will soon be compatible with “Intercom,” an attribute that allows users to speak into one HomePod and the voice message plays on another speaker unit. This characteristic will also suit Apple CarPlay.

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