NASA Perseverance Rover Sends First Images Of Mars

NASA Perseverance Rover Sends First Images Of Mars

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After a dramatic and safe landing, NASA’s latest Mars rover had a look around at its new digs.

NASA Perseverance rover survived its distressing seven minutes of terror and touched down in one piece on the surface of Mars on Thursday. To commemorate, the rover transmitted its first look at its surroundings.

First images of Mars taken by NASA’s Perseverance Rover is derived from an engineering camera deployed for navigation and locating hazards, so it’s not one of the chief high-quality cameras that’ll ultimately send back luscious landscape photos. But it’s still a milestone, a sign of success and an early sign of the rover’s health.

The image reveals a rocky and dusty place with the rover’s shadow stretching over the ground. The Perseverance team tweeted the following- “Hello, world. My first look at my forever home”.

NASA shared a second image revealing the view behind the rover with a tweet saying, “Welcome to Jezero Crater.” The crater was once home to a lake and will allow the rover to look for signs of ancient microbial life on the currently inhospitable planet.

NASA’s Rover shared a second image from Mars on Feb. 18, 2021, with the above look behind the Perseverance rover.

The second image looks similar to the first, showing a rocky view stretching out as far as the rover’s eyes can view. 

We can expect more and higher-resolution images from the red planet as Perseverance fixes itself and starts exploring its new home.

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