Microsoft Outlook Updated To Progressive Web App

Microsoft Outlook Updated To Progressive Web App

Microsoft has proposed to turn its Outlook and for the web mail services into a Progressive Web Apps (PWA). It will permit any user of Microsoft Outlook to install the web app into macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and other platforms that support PWAs. It is also an effective option for the disarranged Outlook Windows desktop apps for Windows Mail client that designed as a part of Windows 10.

Progressive Web Apps are basically still websites, but they include better caching, background functionality, and notification features to make them seem more like traditional apps. Microsoft has been steadily adopting PWAs for Windows Apps since 2018, and Outlook is a sign that we may consider similar apps for its other Office products like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

If you are enjoying a Chromium Browser like Brave or Chrome, then support is live right now. Users can simply “install” Microsoft from ‘Address Bar’, and it will serve as if it is a native app in macOS or Windows.

Microsoft is further evaluating with bringing Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar support to Microsoft has confirmed to sources that it is “experimenting with a small set of users” for the incorporation.

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