M1 Mac Bluetooth Issues Set To Be Resolved, Claims Apple

M1 Mac Bluetooth Issues Set To Be Resolved, Claims Apple

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It has been reported that Apple is working on a solution to fix the Bluetooth connectivity issues that few M1 Mac users have complained about since the launch of the new machines back in November.

As soon as the M1‌‌ MacBook Air, ‌‌M1‌‌ MacBook Pro 13-inch, and ‌‌M1‌‌ Mac mini models were accessed by customers, many owners immediately started reporting about several Bluetooth issues starting from intermittent disconnects of wireless peripherals to totally dysfunctional Bluetooth connections.

However, there was a lack of consensus on whether the problems arose from software issues or something more persistent as Apple has not commented on the issues. Meanwhile, The 8-Bit notes that The Atlantic writer Ian Bogost, who has encountered Bluetooth issues, tweeted on Sunday that Apple assured him about an in-progress fix, which is forthcoming just about anytime.

It is a welcome development for any user of an ‌M1‌ Mac, who is frustrated with the problems, that reportedly impact third-party accessories like Bluetooth mice, keyboards, and headphones, as well as Apple products such as AirPods, Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard.

‌Mac mini‌‌ owners are the most impacted, with the issues compounded by the fact that many depend on wireless peripherals to communicate with their Mac for freeing up available ports. Some MacRumors staff members have also faced identical issues.

Specifically, Apple hasn’t disclosed what features are available in the forthcoming ‌‌macOS Big Sur‌‌ 11.2 update, a beta of which is in the hands of developers and public testers already. However, it possibly includes performance enhancements, security updates, and solutions for bugs that weren’t addressed during the launch of ‌‌‌‌macOS Big Sur‌‌.

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