Linux-Powered Pine64 PinePhone, Know Features, Prices And All

Linux-Powered Pine64 PinePhone, Know Features, Prices And All

There is no doubt that Android and iOS are the two giants holding the lion’s share in the mobile market. Presently, both the dominant suppliers don’t offer the users much choice as compared to OS, even though there is no shortage of hardware. Earlier, Microsoft tried to break into the market but could not achieve success, and Huawei will release its own offering soon enough.

But do you know there is another alternative that is more privacy-respecting and encourages tinkering? Introducing the PinePhone by Pine64. However, it is not quite ready for the mass market yet. People who are in search of an alternative to Android and iOS devices may consider this one.

The owner of the PinePhone

The company behind the PinePhone is Pine64 that is a small, community-driven company that specializes in developing ARM devices. At first, it started to produce single-board computers similar to the Raspberry Pi. Later it started producing laptops that run on these single-board computers, and now the company is branching into the mobile phone market. The company is also planning to release a tablet and a smartwatch in the future.

What is PinePhone?

The PinePhone is the most ambitious project of Pine64 till now. It is a totally open-sourced smartphone. Another interesting fact of this phone is, it is not designed to run Android or iOS. The company developed the device to run Linux.

May Be Little Complicated For Average Consumer

There is no confirmation which specific operating system the consumer-ready device will ship with, but the company has claimed it supports major Linux phone projects. Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, and Plasma Mobile are some of the notable projects of it. One of the competitive advantages of PinePhone is, every OS comes with its own pros and cons. Users can select as per their preference which suits them best instead of simply using the manufacturers want them to use. It means the users will get a lot of variety depending on what OS they choose for their PinePhone. It may be little complicated for the average consumer as the users may have to load these operating systems on the device themselves.

Know the specifications of PinePhone

The PinePhone will come with the Allwinner A64 quad-core SoC, Mali 400 MP2 GPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 2,000mAh battery. It will cost a grand total of $150, and the specs match that price tag. The display will be a 5.95-inch 1,440×720 LCD panel. The rear camera will be 5 MP and the selfie camera will be 2 MP. It comes with a USB-C charging port, a headphone jack, and a plastic chassis. The device will weigh somewhere between 180 and 200 grams. If you are looking for high-specifications you should not choose this one.

Which apps will run on this phone?

It is hard to answer that which apps will particularly support. It will depend on which OS you choose, and you will get access to a lot of different application libraries. The purpose of some of the supported operating system is to include full Linux app support. Others want to develop their own mobile app ecosystem.

The launch date, availability of PinePhone

BraveHeart Edition which is a version of the device is available which is developed by Pine64. You can preorder the version but we will not suggest so as this version of the PinePhone solely for developers and early adopters, and it is not daily driver material. Pine64 said it will launch it in Spring 2020. So it is to see, whether it can give a tough fight to Android. What is your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below.

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