Is it really FAU-G Vs PUBG? Check it out!

Is it really FAU-G Vs PUBG? Check it out!

A month ago, FAU-G was unheard of, till PUBG got banned in India with 117 other apps that had a Chinese connection. However, the moment Players Unknown Battle Ground ceased to exist on the App Stores, out blazed the Fearless and United – Guards. Both multiplayer, both battle games and both eyeing the growing mobile gamers in India.

The gamer population of India had been glued into PUBG for quite sometime now and it boasts of greater than 175 Mio downloads till date which incidentally is about a quarter of the game’s download globally.
Now, what’s FAU-G is all about? It’s a mobile game developed by Bangalore based nCore Games, based on real stories of India’s military history. It is expected to be launched later this year and is likely to be free with in-app purchases. FAU-G isn’t an alternative to PUBG Mobile that has recently been banned in the country stating threat to national security. Unlike PUBG, FAU-G will not be a battle royale game. The game will make players aware about crucial military incidents of the country like the Galwan Valley clash and the value of Indian soldiers. nCore Games claim that FAU-G is being developed by highly qualified and capable developers and will be as good as PUBG or any other international games. FAU-G is likely to be single-player and a possible cooperative multiplayer game with an indicative third-person experience. Hence FAU-G is definitely not going to be a PUBG clone!

Now, It remains to be seen if there will be actual long-term interest in FAU-G or if it will end up being a fad. With PUBG actively looking at ways to return to India, it is felt that the battle royale is just getting started!

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