iPhone 12 Pro Max Wins Most Popular 5G Smartphone In US

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wins Most Popular 5G Smartphone In US

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Details of a new study have been revealed today from speed test provider Ookla and M Science. It looks into the most popular 5G smartphones in the US. After less than a year since launch, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has become the most favoured choice. Especially, the iPhone 12 lineup also made up the first 3 of the top 5 in the study.

As reported by PCMag, the new study from Ookla and M Science considered 33 5G smartphones available in the US.

The iPhone 12 dominating the rankings isn’t a surprise. Interestingly, it was the costliest iPhone 12 Pro Max that was the top pick in 49 out of 50 states, with the iPhone 12 Pro leading in Vermont (and Washington DC too).

All iPhone 12 models from the mini to the Pro Max have 5G compatibility but the latter that begins at $1,099 came out on top. There could be a correlation here between early adopters who seek 5G and those willing to spend more on Apple’s largest iPhone.

After the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 was the second most favoured 5G smartphone, with the iPhone 12 Pro coming in third. Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ came in fourth and the Galaxy S20 Ultra came in fifth. It should be noted that the study was done before the launch of the Galaxy S21 series.

There are multiple reports that the iPhone 12 mini was the least popular of Apple’s latest iPhone lineup.

Another interesting analysis in the report states that Apple and Samsung dominated the list until spot 14 where LG finally made the ranking with its V60 ThinQ.

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