Interesting Facts About Chinese Trackless and Driverless Trains

Interesting Facts About Chinese Trackless and Driverless Trains

China has unveiled its first electric-powered “trackless train” for commercial use in the Sichuan city of Yibin.

It is featured with the “Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit”, this vehicle is emphasized a driverless tram or a train that runs on “virtual rails” mapped out by censors and cameras – so it seems like a bus also.

This all-new vehicle is a new form of public transport that has been developed by the Chinese Transport Manufacturer, CRRC. This so-called “rail bus” will follow the markings pained on the road, instead of conventional rail tracks, and can accelerate at 43 mph.

CRRC started working on this new technology since 2013, and this all-new public transport is likely to be rolled out to other cities of China by next year.

This “rail bus” can carry upto 300 passengers, and it is likely to serve over 10000 passengers daily. And once this line extended to a high-speed railway station, this trackless train will have the capacity to carry around 25000 passengers. It is also a cheaper alternative than building new tram and train tracks.

Only ten minutes of charging can drive the “rail bus” for 15.5 miles (25 km), and each one will have a life span of 25-years. Currently, these trackless trains have drivers but awaited to be automated soon. This environment-friendly vehicle is further expected to reduce traffic congestion on roads.

Chief Engineer Feng Jianghua has stated that the “rail bus” uses hi-tech sensors to measure distances by millimeter and continually collect travel data as it moves. The biggest advantage of this all-new vehicle will be its low cost.

Other wide-ranging new concepts for public vehicles include a self-driving public bus.

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