Intel Attempts Taking Down Apple’s M1 Chip With Several Benchmarks

It’s apprehensive about its rivalry with the new CPU

If it wasn’t imminent if Intel is anxious regarding Apple’s M1 chip, it is now. Intel has shared a legion of benchmarks claiming to prove that 11th-generation Core i7 laptop processors are faster than the M1. They do reveal that there are areas where Intel can claim victory, despite Intel’s questionable methods.

The results show Intel pulling ahead of Apple in a Chrome browsing test, Office 365 tasks, Adobe creative apps and AI. While gaming was something of a wash, Intel indicated that few games simply are unavailable on Macs. The chip giant also argued that Apple’s battery life claims were inaccurate. They weren’t superior to a Core i7 in practice, according to Intel.

Intel was also enthusiastic to offer better support for external monitors and a wider variety of hardware in its camp, like touchscreen laptops.

But, there are anxieties regarding the system. For one, Intel switched hardware between tests, both for its own CPUs and Apple’s. It applied a MacBook Air for the battery life test instead of the longer-lasting Pro, for example. Intel also preferred some tests that supported its components especially well, like a Topaz Labs AI test, one of the few to make use of Intel’s hardware acceleration. It’s safe to say these figures don’t line up completely with some reviews.

Companies often cherry-pick benchmarks that glorify their products in the best possible way. It’s true that compatibility and variety tilt in Intel’s favour. But, the very fact that Intel is making these benchmarks public speaks volumes. Intel finds Apple’s chips as enough of a threat than it is compelled to launch a media offensive, and probably won’t go soft on its new rival in the future.

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