Hyundai will launch three new EV to market, starting in 2021

Hyundai will launch three new EV to market, starting in 2021

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Starting from 2021, the Korean automaker Hyundai plans bring three all-electric vehicles to market within the next four years, i.e. 2025. These electric cars will be available under a spin-off brand called lonicHyundai has launched this dedicated EV brand Ioniq with the strategy to take a 10% share of the EV market by 2025, by selling 1 million battery electric vehicles.

Hyundai introduced Ioniq in 2016. This hatchback electric car was available in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric versions. Now the Korean automaker is planning to use that Ioniq model as the jumping-off point for their new EV brand. All the EVs under the Ioniq brand will be called E-GMP and those will have Hyundai’s underlying electric modular platform.

As per the latest reports from Hyundai, the new EV brand will initiate with the Ioniq 5 models. This is a mid-size monocoque-style body crossover based on Hyundai’s Concept 45, which is scheduled to launch in early 2021. The concept ‘45’ comes, partially from the 45-degree angles at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The Ioniq 6 will be a sedan and scheduled to launch in 2022. This model will be based on Hyundai’s Prophecy concept, which was unveiled in March. This is a sleek, aerodynamic sedan with short overhangs and a long wheelbase, which is reminiscent of a Porsche.

And finally, Hyundai said about the release of the Ioniq 7, in early 2024. This will be a large and comfortable SUV. As per the number system of this Ioniq series it can be observed that the models with the odd numbers will be for SUVs and the even numbers will be used for sedans.

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