How to use Face ID to unlock iPhone while wearing a face mask

Wearing a mask is now a common norm while you travel in public transports. It has become a basic requirement in Great Britain and conscientious shoppers to get their choice to wear face masks in shops.

But wearing a mask raises a basic problem like people with masks can’t open their iPhones quickly.

Apart from the sore ears on the loops, another issue with wearing a mask is that it makes it impossible to access your iPhone while you use the Face ID. For all iPhone owners, this is a concern because young generations rely on facial recognition rather than fingerprint recognition.

Earlier this year an iOS upgrade (iOS 13.5) allowed users to swipe the iPhone screen to deny the Face ID feature and to unlock it with the passcode. However, as long as we are waiting for this update, how will you unlock your iPhone with Face ID? 

How to set iPhone to unlock with a mask on

Here, we will share some tricks that will help you to set facial recognition on your iPhone to identify you even if your face is half masked. We have done this many times before we can make a successful facial recognition.

Method 1:

  1. Fold the mask in the center and tape two eyelets to the ear, keep the mask on the face with one hand to cover it accurately in the center.

2. Go to setting the option of your iPhone > to enter your passcode for Face ID & Passcode.

3. Choose the Setup and Alternative Appearance option. (You won’t have this option if you already set up an alternate look, you will need to reset and set your Face ID up.)

4. You can get an invitation to set up Face ID, You can see a warning that your face is covered, but this alert would vanish after a few attempts.

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5. Follow the measures shown on the screen such that the True Depth camera takes its measurements and the circle shows you into a loop to turn your face. Wait while it takes the first scan of your face. 

6. Wait as long as your face takes the first scan.

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7. Remove the mask and protect the other side of the face until the True Depth camera begins its second scan.

8. When the second scan is finished, you can unlock your iPhone with a face mask.

Method 2:

Our advice is to restart your face recognition and restart this time while keeping your mask on one side of your face, so this way you will construct the first Face ID scan.

Then build the Alternative Appearance option while holding the mask on the other side

We noticed that Face ID was able to open our iPhone while wearing a mask if we used the second method with the help of generating our face ID at a glance while face ID was capable of unlocking our iPhone while we keep wearing a mask.

When it comes to the fist method we considered it to be less reliable as only making the alternate appearance solution by using a mask. It appeared to operate if the nose tip was clear and we considered it untrustworthy if the nose was completely concealed.

UK Tech Company offers a free face mask.

Students at the Tencent Xuanwu Lab have identified this tip.

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