How to Rank Up Faster on PUBG Mobile?

How to Rank Up Faster on PUBG Mobile?

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) Mobile has gained huge popularity in the gaming community. The PUBG Mobile lets you play the game with PC kind of experience without compromising the graphics, sound quality etc. The more excitement comes with the dynamic ranking of PUBG Mobile. The ranking system is separated into the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror. The highest rank you get, the more popular you become in the community! So, how do you push the rank faster to the Ace level? Here are some tips from the team NutronX, which will allow you to reach your desired rank faster.

1. Establish a Team and Stick to the Team.

It is very important to establish a team because the old saying is true in PUBG Mobile as well.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

With a new team, it is very difficult to play a successful game and get that chicken dinner. We are not saying that it is impossible, but instead, it feels much safer with known pals. When playing with a proper team, you will know who is in charge of spotting the enemies, who are the sniper and mostly who is the healer. Ultimately, that will give you the advantage in the battleground of PUBG Mobile.

2. Choose Your Favourite Map and Stick to it.

You need to be fully aware of the terrain and the buildings, bushes in one map. That will give you the advantage in the last circle of the game. Knowing the map better will help you flank the enemies properly. Erangel is a good choice but if you like to short games, go for Sanok or Livik. We personally do not prefer Miramar because it takes more than 30 minutes to finish a game there.

3. Survival Over Kills

Many of us often make the mistake and mixup PUBG with the Call of Duty Single Player games. PUBG is not a game of Kills, it’s a game of survival. With this single trick alone you will be able to rank yourself faster in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG has a unique ranking system where you get 80% marks for surviving and 20% for kills. Hence, you get more points for surviving through the game instead of hunting down people.

4. The Rule of 40 Surviving Players

You need to stop looting and concentrate on the game when the alive count reaches 40. You will get negative points even if you kill 10 enemies and die as the 80th player. Hence, avoid the hot drop zones such as the Military Base, Pochinki, School and Bootcamp in case of Sanok etc.

5. Take Damage and Heal Yourself

Many of us are unaware of this fact that the ranking point increases with the damage you take in the game. Which means, to some extent the points are dependent on the number of times you heal yourself in the game. If you are not hit by any enemies bullets or frags, then falling from a high mountain or building and healing yourself up will increase the support points.

6. Always Take the Safe Zone Over the Gunfight

Often you will find such situations where you need to move to the safe zone or you are rushing to the safe zone and found someone to fight with. Typically you would go for that kill, right? That’s wrong! Always go for the safe zone over the kill, because the last few zones will suck up your health like a vampire! For that one kill, you can take down your whole squad.

7. A Good Strategy Always Wins

Whenever we speak of gaming strategies, we always think of the iconic Age of Empire. PUBG is nothing different, a good strategy always wins the game. So what do you do?

We prefer to drop within 1400 meters of the flight path and choose a less crowded place. We are not talking about Zarki or Kameshki, instead go for Severny, Primorsk, Yasnaya. These places will give you a good amount of loot as well as, occasional one or two squads of gunfights, which will keep the fighting spirit alive in your squad.

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