How to Force All Users to Logout in WordPress?

How to Force All Users to Logout in WordPress?

This article not like the other tutorials or tips. This one is about the very least used feature of WordPress, which helps you to force log out all the users of your website.

So, when should you use this feature?

This feature is handy in several situations. For example, if you are hacked and you believe someone is still logged in into your website. You can use this feature to force them to log out of the system. Or, if you have logged in to a public computer such as in the library and forgot to log out your self, you can use this trick to log you out.

So, how do we do it?

It’s a straightforward thing to do. All you need to do is edit your WP-CONFIG.PHP file and navigate to around line number 50, i.e., to the “Authentication Unique Keys and Salts” section. You will find an URL to the secret key generator, or you can visit this link

It will generate eight lines of unique codes, copy all those and replace the line number 50-57 with those codes. Save the WP-CONFIG.PHP file and you are done. As soon any logged in user hits the URL of your site, they will be logged out automatically.

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