How to Disable AirPods’s Auto Connection Switching Feature in iOS 14

How to Disable AirPods’s Auto Connection Switching Feature in iOS 14

What is AirPods’s Auto Connection Switching Feature?

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple has enabled this awesome auto connection switching feature for the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. This feature allows your AirPods to detect which device you are using and transfers the audio to the current device automatically. This feature works with all the Apple devices that you have logged in with the same Apple ID. For example, you are watching a video on Apple TV+ on your iPad, and your iPhone starts to ring, with the help of this feature, the AirPods will pause the video on your iPad and connect to your iPhone so that you can pick up the call using your AirPods.

So Why You Want to Disable the AirPod’s Auto Connection Switching Features for Some Devices?

While this feature is no doubt a great one, but we felt a little annoyed when using with a MacBook Pro or any Mac devices. I like to listen to music when writing a blog post, doing some web development etc. The problem is if someone messages you on Skype, the AirPods switches back to Mac because of the audio played in your computer. In addition to that, I noticed a very weird situation with a FaceTime call; my AirPods Pro was continuously connecting and disconnecting in between my MacBook Pro and iPhone 11, which interrupted my call.

How do You Disable the AirPod’s Auto Connection Switching Feature?

There’s no single button for disabling this feature; you have to disable the feature for every device manually. If you want to disable the auto-connect feature for your Mac, then navigate to SettingsBluetooth→ Click on the Options Button beside your AirPods or AirPods Pro and change the Connect to this Mac option from Automatically to When Last Connected to the Mac.

Connection Switching Options in Mac

If you want to disable this on your iPhone or iPad, navigate to SettingsBluetooth Click on the little “i” icon beside your AirPods → Change the “Connect to This iPhone” option to “When Last Connected to This iPhone”.

Connection Switching Options in iPhone

That’s it, guys! This will save you from the little anointment of your AirPods switching to your Mac or iPad unnecessarily.

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