Google Launches An Apple Watch YouTube Music app

Are you one of those rare YouTube Music subscribers with both an iPhone and Apple Watch? Do not feel left out in the cold when Google winds up Play Music later this month. Today, the company has a YouTube Music app handy for the Apple Watch. It’s almost a threadbare experience as far as the features are concerned. It permits you to do basics like browse through your music collection and control playback. This is something Wear OS users wish to do on their wearables.  

It is quite obvious to be available with a complication you can add to your watch face and gain quick access to playback controls. All watch faces are not compatible with the feature. A shortcut is there to let you cast a song from your phone to a speaker, along with a one to “Like” a track. Witness the app recommending new songs for you to check out based on your listening habits. But you won’t find it supporting offline playback. Beneficially, what the software does is act as a music remote for your iPhone, making it not so different from Spotify’s Apple Watch app. You’ll require a Series 3 or above running at least watchOS 6 to install YouTube Music on your Apple Watch. Also required is an active YouTube Premium or YouTube Premium Music subscription.

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