GM Astonishes With Cadillac eVTOL Air Taxi At CES 2021

GM Astonishes With Cadillac eVTOL Air Taxi At CES 2021

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Instead of a flying car, it is more of a personal aircraft or drone. GM plans to authorize its on-road EV technologies to get airborne.

General Motors is telegraphing that it also intends to join the burgeoning eVTOL air-taxi business. They claim to do it in style. As part of its virtual CES expo, GM Exhibit Zero, the automaker on Tuesday unveiled renderings and animations of a Cadillac-branded personal aircraft equipped by batteries.

The sleek, electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft would be GM’s maiden venture into aerial mobility, and the organization claims this four-rotor aircraft is equipped by a 90-kWh EV motor at speeds of up to 56 mph. However, they didn’t divulge many details beyond that. GM has refrained from revealing more technical specifications. They are yet to detail a time frame within which we can expect experiencing these eVTOLs, as they’re known, in the air. From the images, this resembles a single-seat drone, presumably for short urban hops executed autonomously.

GM is the most recent automaker to view skyward and consider pursuing the air taxi business. On Tuesday, crosstown competitors at FCA declared about a collaboration with Archer to develop eVTOL air taxis. Other automakers, like Hyundai and Aston Martin, have also staked out claims in this new mobility space. Rapid improvements in batteries, electric motors and cloud-based services for electric cars and trucks have enabled to make forays into electric personal aircraft business. It seems more plausible. 

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