These Five Free macOS Utilities will Help You Take Productivity to the Next Level.

These Five Free macOS Utilities will Help You Take Productivity to the Next Level.

Time is money. What if we told that you could find free utilities out there on the internet, which will help you save an hour every day? Sounds interesting, right? If yes, then keep reading; in this article, we have tested and listed the top five macOS Free utilities which will help you take your productivity to the next level.

Tool #1: InsomniaX

How many times have you started downloading that big 10 GB files and ended up with a cancelled download because your Mac went to sleep? At some point, we all have faced this issue. There’s a simple solution to that; it’s called InsomniaX. InsomniaX is a tiny, neat utility that I have been using since 2011. The great thing is, it still works even with the macOS Big Sur.


InsomniaX helps you disable Mac’s sleeping facility, particularly, Idle Sleep and Lid Sleep. However, it gives you the option to disable the Lid Sleep, which we don’t recommend unless it’s indispensable. You can download InsomniaX from Softonic for free.

Tool #2: FlyCut

How about managing your clipboard? Isn’t it going to be interesting if you can access the user ID that you have copied an hour back? Yes, that’s right. This tool memorizes the items you copy and paste. You get the option to set the number of times it will remember the clipboard, and to paste an old copied content, just hit SHIFT + COMMAND + V and navigate through the clipboard using the navigation keys.

FlyCut App

FlyCut is a free app and can be downloaded from the macOS AppStore. In addition to that, FlyCut is an Open Source app; you can access the source codes (if you are the geeky one!) or download the DRM free version from GitHub. Download FlyCut from AppStore

Tool #3: smcFanControl

smcFanControl App

At some point, every Mac user has faced the annoying heating issue, right? When you browse through 20 tabs, with Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint running in the background, the MacBook heats like a hot oven. What if some software can help you control the airflow? Yes, that’s right, released back in 2009, smcFanControl is also a tiny free software that allows you to manage your Mac’s fan speed and helps your Mac keep cool!
You can download smcFanControl from MacUpdate

Tool #4: Hidden Features of the Preview App

macOS comes with the Preview App preloaded. Preview is a compelling app, and all kinds of documents can be viewed using the Preview App. Not only viewing files, but Preview also has these hidden functionalities, which will help you save an enormous amount of time.

How to Resize Images in Batch in macOS?

Batch Image Resizing with Preview App

We often have this requirement to resize 15~20 or more images to a smaller resolution to fit into one email, right? And resizing images one by one is a pain. Preview comes with a batch resizing feature, which is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is, select all the images you want to resize, then Right Click and click on the “Open with Preview” option. Once the images are open in the Preview App, from the left thumbnails panel, select all the photos (COMMAND + A) and navigate to Tools -> Resize. There you will be able to specify your target dimension; once you are satisfied with the size, click the Ok button. You will see the images getting resized in real-time. Once done, hit COMMAND + S to save all the pictures, and you’re done!

How to Split a Page from a PDF file in macOS?

Splitting single pages from PDF files is another handy feature of the Preview App. If you are viewing a multi-paged PDF file in the Preview app then, you can select a page or multiple pages from the thumbnails pane on the left and drag those pages to a directory or the finder. As a result, Preview will make a new PDF with your selected pages. Isn’t that great?

Tool #5: The Mighty Finder App

How to Rename Multiple Files at Once?

Batch File Renaming Using the Finder App

The default file manager app, Finder, is a compelling application. Using the finder app, you can rename multiple files together. This feature is pretty handy when you are trying to rename a batch of files to another. For example, if your files have “Screenshot” in the file name and you want to change it to something else, then you need to select all the files, Right Click on the Selection, and click Rename. That will allow you to replace the word, file extension, etc. with a new one.

Bonus: How to Change the Default Screenshot’s Folder in macOS?

Screenshots are handy for all kinds of professionals, but what’s messy is saving the screenshots on the desktop. It creates a massive pile of screenshots, and wouldn’t it be great if you can automatically keep the screenshots in a separate folder? Here is the solution to that:

First, create a target folder; for example, we have created one Screenshots directory on the desktop. Once you have created the directory, open the Terminal App on your Mac and run the following command:

defaults write ~/Desktop/Screenshots/

That’s how you change the default screenshot’s locations.

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