Contra: Return may release worldwide this year

Contra: Return may release worldwide this year

The iconic game from the 90’s Contra Return may release worldwide as per a recent tweet from the developer of this game series TiMi Studios (@timistudios). On 20th June this year, they announced about releasing this game in all regions and they also asked their fans to complete a survey, so they can develop their game accordingly. 

“Contra Returns has been a hit for mobile devices in parts of the world and we are looking into a potential wider release! If you’re a major Contra fan interested in helping us make Contra Returns the best that it can be please take this short survey:” – TiMi Studios

The music, weapons, and characters in this version of ‘Contra Return’ are almost similar to the old version of Contra, which was released in the ’90s. So if you want to get an idea regarding the gameplay, control, and other interfaces then you may check the old version of Contra. Also, as the old one, this new version of Contra Return will be story-based and the gameplay will be similar to the older version. Till now this game can be played in offline mode but future the developers can introduce the online version of this game as well as we can hope, the game may release with the online version. 

Contra: Return’, this mobile game version was first released on 6th June 2017 in China, and soon after a year the game was released in Taiwan. Once this version was appreciated by the fans Garena introduced an English version of this game in 2018 and made it available to the other South-Asian countries. TiMi Studios has announced now to release this mobile version worldwide to be played in other regions. 

Contra Returns

TiMi Studios has developed many highly popular video games, such as; Call of Duty: MobileArena of Valor, and Honor of Kings and for that reason, the fans are anxiously waiting for Contra Returns for a wider release within this year. 

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