Concorde 2.0 ready to unveil supersonic jet with a top speed of 1,700mph

Concorde 2.0 ready to unveil supersonic jet with a top speed of 1,700mph

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British–Frenchturbojet-powered supersonic passenger airlinerConcorde is well known for its supersonic transports, which have been operated commercially. This organization developed under an Anglo-French treaty already built many prototypes and development aircraft to date. As now they are planned to undergo the testing of Concorde’s purported successor in the coming months.

Boom XB-1 Supersonic Aircraft

This fastest aircraft is announced to roll out this Boom XB-1 Supersonic Aircraft from 7th October 2020 by the manufacturer. This is expected to provide an ultra-fast supersonic air journey. To reach this extreme speed the designers have attached the craft’s wings to its fuselage with a vertical stabilizer. As per Flight Global reports the company has completed the test of its landing gears successfully. Also, in the coming month, this model will undergo several other testing before it is made available for commercial purposes. As per the manufacture;

“We’ve learned that the demand for supersonic has grown even faster than we anticipated.”

The specifications of this supersonic jet

  • There is space for only one pilot in this aircraft, which is going to be tested in 2021. An experienced US Air Force pilot will undergo the performance testing of this supersonic jet at California’s Mojave Air and Space Port. 
  • This Boom XB-1 Supersonic Aircraft is expected to reach a top speed of 1,700 miles per hour, which will be the first of its type. If this model successfully passes the test flight then Boom technology can focus on the other undergoing projects.
  • This proposed passenger jet will have 55 seats for passengers onboard. So it will be a pretty mighty supersonic jet in the history of aircraft. Though there are various options for entertainment available for the passengers, they will not get much time to enjoy all those as the aircraft will move faster than the speed of sound. 
  • Concorde has been mentioned in various reports as the pinnacle of luxury air travel and with success to this supersonic jet, the organization may dominate the supersonic commercial travel. 

Return of the supersonic jet:

Concorde 2.0 is set to boost the speed of aircraft twice as its predecessor for swiftly shuttling passengers across the planet with an impressive Mach 4.5 using a hydrogen power source. At cruising altitude of around 100,000 feet, the sole rocket motor will be detached from the turbojets to give it an extreme speed limit. Image 4


Finally, Concord 2.0 will shatter all the previous records of flight timings. As it is expected the average flight time between London and New York, which is now about 7.5 hours will come down to an astonishing 1 hour. So this aircraft will make this planet much smaller as we can move between opposite sides of the world within a day. And for this reason, the world is excited to check out the splendid speed and performance of this Concorde 2.0: supersonic aircraft

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