ColdSnap, Whipping Up Soft-serve Ice-cream & Smoothies Like A Keurig, Unveiled At CES

ColdSnap, Whipping Up Soft-serve Ice-cream & Smoothies Like A Keurig, Unveiled At CES

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Now, we all can scream for ice cream as a new device demonstrated at CES 2021 can whip up frozen treats similar to a Keurig doing for coffee.

The ColdSnap resembles and functions like the popular coffee makers, featuring pods users put to form desserts like soft-serve ice cream, frozen yoghurt and frozen smoothies.

Let’s find out how it works-

You position a single-serving pod into the machine, choose ice cream, smoothie or cocktail, then wait approximately for one or two minutes for your treatment to freeze and dispense. The pods don’t need refrigeration and have a minimum shelf life of about nine months.

According to a description on the company’s website, the machine can also prepare frozen coffee, frozen cocktails and slushies.

Matthew Fonte, president and founder of ColdSnap, said that the concept originated with his daughters, who concocted the idea for a domestic ice cream vending device in their invention journals. Fonte’s later research into the process propelled him to establish ColdSnap.

The machine applies a compressor/condenser technology like the same you find in your refrigerator or freezer to create the concoctions.

The pod, which resembles a tall metal can, is placed at the top of the machine, like a Keurig. Once it’s done, you pop the can out and toss it. You need not have to clean up. This has never been done before.

The ColdSnap will face a smaller beta launch later this year, before launching completely in 2022. Prices are yet to be fixed, but the machine is may cost between $500 and $1,000, with pods costing $2.99 each. 

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