The Biggest PUBG Mobile Update to Arrive on September 8th

The Biggest PUBG Mobile Update to Arrive on September 8th

PUBG Mobile has revealed a “New Era for PUBG Mobile” on Twitter on 24th AugustPUBG asked the fans to join the live stream on YouTubeFacebook at 7 PM IST. This new teaser from PUBG Mobile has disclosed the upcoming PUBG Mobile version 1.0 and invited the players to join a potential tournament on 8th September.

In this new version, PUBG Mobile has enhanced the classic gameplay styles and the smooth combat experience to provide the latest and greatest experience, beyond A.C.E.

In this new version PUBG Mobile has implemented many updates. Such as:

New Tech – Graphics Overhaul 

New technologies have been adopted in Version 1.0 to deliver a more realistic Battle Royale combat experience. They claimed that will fully upgrade the quality of the game to provide a better user experience. 

To provide a most realistic Battle Royale atmosphere they improved the player’s characters along with the main lobby lights and environments.

The graphics quality has also been improved to provide a more realistic combat experience. The scope interaction has been upgraded to provide a more realistic gunshot. The graphics of smokes and particles, the air blasts, muzzle flashes have also been improved. The parachuting has also been polished to provide a smoother landing.

Also, PUBG Mobile has improved the graphics quality to produce a more realistic sky, water, and plants. Also, some water and light effect has been added and in this new Version 1.0. The players will be able to see their shadows in the water and the indirect lights from the sun. 

New UX – Updated User Experience

In this new version, PUBG Mobile has created a simple and rewarding interactive experience for the players. They will bring a new more realistic and immersive gaming experience by improving the quality of interactions, visuals, motions, and sound effects. 

New dashboard of PUBG Mobile Version 1.0

PUBG Mobile has introduced an all-new user interface in Version 1.0. First, they have designed an interactive lobby to provide the players more refined and upgraded control. Also, in this new version, the players can customise their own layout for more comfortable operations.

The players can find quickly and easily what they want, form the innovative multi-screen switching mode. In this new feature, the players can see three pages from the lobby for separate purposes. As per the teaser, the three pages will be SocialGame, and Store to separate the access to games, community, and purchases. 

Improved system animation and attractive color tones, i.e. victory yellowhope whitesmoke gray and dawn cyan has been chosen to convey the design concepts to the players. Here the design concepts involve ‘the morning dawn, of rebirth after failure’ and ‘the glory after a breakthrough eureka moment’. 

New ERA – Mysterious Surprise

PUBG Mobile indicated that the three concepts – HonourChallenge, and Hope will become the core of the New Era. But didn’t provide any detail on the concept of the New Era to keep the fans in mystery. But PUBG Mobile has claimed to deliver a long-awaited surprise for the players and invited them to an upcoming competition on 8th September

The fans are excited for the launch of the new Version 1.0 for upgraded, more realistic hi-tech battle experiences, as depicted in the teaser by PUBG Mobile

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