Apple to Release Two New Apple Watches and an iPad Soon

Apple to Release Two New Apple Watches and an iPad Soon

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Apple plans to produce something between 75 million and 80 million 5G iPhones by this year. This number is marginally higher than the number of iPhones released in previous years, indicating that the demand for Apple is unaffected from the coronavirus pandemic — although they said the phones would be delayed by October.

Four upcoming iPhones will be fitted with OLED displays in sizes 5.4, 6.1, or 6.7 inches. The iPhones will have a new square-edged style, and the pro steel versions will be delivered later than the aluminium iterations. A new dark blue colour option will be added to replace the green 11 Pro.

While the new iPhone is on board with 5G hardware, the specific technologies between models may be different. Analyst Ming-chi Kuo has estimated that in 2020, Apple will be shipping 4-6 million iPhones. This ensures that certain Pro versions will only be delivered later in the year. According to Bloomberg, the 6.7 Pro versions can also act as the only LIDAR scanner to be released this year on the iPad Pro.

Ming-chi Kuo also stated that the new generation iPad Air will be slim bezels like the iPad Pro. There are some unverified photos of a new iPad Air booklet on twitter, featuring a thin bezel and touch ID fingerprint scanner on the power button.

A new Apple TV is still being developed, but will not be available this year. It includes an upgraded processor and new remote control. Finally, amid postponed iPhone updates, Bloomberg expects Apple to announce iOS 14 in September.

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