Apple In Talks with Hyundai For Apple Car Production

Apple In Talks with Hyundai For Apple Car Production

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Apple is planning a collaboration with Hyundai on the much-anticipated Apple Car.

A report suggests that Apple is negotiating with Hyundai Motor Group for manufacturing an ‌Apple Car‌. Apple is planning a joint venture with Hyundai to make electric vehicles and develop batteries due to the extreme costs of the technology and the requisite production facilities.

Previously, several rumours had indicated that Apple will collaborate with a manufacturing partner to develop the ‌Apple Car‌. However, it was uncertain on which manufacturer Apple may partner with. As the report highlights the term “negotiations”, a deal may not be finalized as yet. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple’s plans change.

Earlier today, an ‌Apple Car‌ report confirmed that work on the project is still in the preliminary stages and not yet near the production phase. There wasn’t any mention of Hyundai either. It may take at least five to seven years before an ‌Apple Car‌ is actually launched. In a statement to CNBC, authorities in Hyundai confirmed that it is indeed discussing with Apple.

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