Apple Expected to Launch ‘AirPods Studio’ in March 2021

Apple Expected to Launch ‘AirPods Studio’ in March 2021

Self-proclaimed tech-analyst Jon Prosser on Thursday claimed that Apple has scheduled to organize a special event during March 2021, where the company is expected to launch the much-awaited “AirPods Studio.”

Prosser went to the extent of tweeting about the event timeline on Tuesday, March 16, a daring move considering that date is five months out.

Apple’s much anticipated “AirPods Studio” headphones are set to be the main attraction for the event when the company will utilize the occasion to announce other products. At present, Apple plans to arrange the event virtually.

In the past, there were rumours that it’ll debut alongside iPhone 12 this fall. AirPods Studio will be apparently Apple’s maiden venture in a branded over-the-ear headphone model. Apart from possessing active noise cancelling technology and high-end audio reproduction capabilities, the headphones are said to comprise a host of sensors to facilitate avant-garde functions like automatic ear detection. Also earmarked for incorporation, is Apple’s U1 chip for orientation awareness.

Alleged images of the device were leaked in September, with a sleek exterior designed from premium materials. It is anticipated that two versions will be launched, with a more reasonable “sport” model complemented with a top-end variant made from leather and metal.

According to Prosser’s claims on Wednesday, production of AirPods Studio faced challenges, compelling Apple to “cut”  a few “key features.”

Recently Apple indicated its plans to broaden its audio device lineup by replacing a swath of third-party headphones and smart speakers from the online Apple Store and physical Apple Store outlets. At times, Apple removes products that might compete with new and upcoming releases. In 2014, during the release of Apple Watch, they ceased sales of Fitbit wearables following the.

Amidst the introduction of HomePod mini, some expectations were met this week as a smaller and more inexpensive version of the company’s HomePod smart speaker.

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