Apple Acquire Copyrights of New MacBook’s Touch Bar With Force Touch

Apple Acquire Copyrights of New MacBook’s Touch Bar With Force Touch

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As we all were awaiting the arrival of new restructured MacBooks next year, a new patent application was released by the US Patent & Trademark Office today declaring a new version of the Touch Bar that looks precisely similar to the current one, except that this new model comprises of Force Touch.

Force Touch sensors were launched for the first time with the first-generation Apple Watch and they enable the screen to recognize the touch pressure for performing various actions based on touch intensity.

This technology was then implemented on the MacBook trackpad in 2015, so it could execute like a regular trackpad even without a mechanical button. iPhone 6s received 3D Touch in the same year, which is almost the same technology but consequently, it was discontinued in present iPhones.

Despite Apple Watch now lacking Force Touch, Apple could still plan to attach this feature to another product. According to reports by Patently Apple, the company’s newest registered patent reveals a new Touch Bar that is sensitive to touch pressure.

The copyright filed in May 2019 clearly indicates the Touch Bar on MacBook with new circuits that make Force Touch work. There are no additional details on how it would work, but it’s not difficult to visualize Force Touch on the Touch Bar being applied to prevent accidental taps, which has been a challenge faced by many MacBook users.

Presently, the only Mac that contains Touch Bar is the MacBook Pro, and Apple has never committed that it intends to bring its small interactive OLED strip to other models as the MacBook Air has been upgraded currently and it features only Touch ID. Won’t you like to acquire a new Touch Bar with Force Touch on your MacBook?

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