An Iceberg Almost The Size of Greater London Breaks Off In Antarctica

Video footage released on Friday revealed a huge iceberg breaking off from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

The huge ice structure, which was almost the size of Greater London, broke off from the Brunt Ice Shelf, according to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

The iceberg estimated to be almost 1,270 sq km and got severed in a process called “calving”. 

It occurred almost a decade after scientists first saw huge cracks growing on the shelf.

BAS Director Professor Dame Jane Francis claimed that the scientists were anticipating calving after observing the area with GPS devices and satellite imagery frequently.

According to Francis, their teams at BAS have been ready for the calving of an iceberg from the Brunt Ice Shelf for years.

Probably, the iceberg will either move away or run around not far from the Brunt Ice Shelf, the director said.

A fissure in the ice increased a lot early on Friday morning before the iceberg broke off completely, news agency AFP reported.

Icebergs usually break off from Antarctica into the ocean in a process catalysed by climate change.

However, in this incident, there is no proof that climate change has played a crucial role, according to BAS.

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